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The Network Code requires all UK shippers to balance the amount of gas that is put into the system with the amount of gas that is required by their current portfolio of customers.

To achieve this balance, the Volume Management Department of Alliance Gas has to establish a close working relationship with customers to forecast their demand for gas.

Volume Management works with two types of forecast:

Long Term Forecasts (up to 18 months ahead)

These are provided by the estimated consumption of gas on existing sales agreements.

Short Term Forecasts (on a daily basis)

Forecasts are required for large firm daily metered sites or those sites that have an interruptible supply contract. These forecasts are made by analysing the daily meter readings and speaking to the larger users throughout the day and night. In order for Alliance Gas to make accurate daily forecasts, we require all sites that consume over one million therms per annum to forecast their gas consumption on a daily basis.

With smaller sites (below 75000 therms per annum), their forecasted demand is calculated by Transco.


If you are new to forecasting or not confident in providing a forecast, Alliance Gas will work with you to help establish your consumption forecast. Initially Alliance Gas will provide feedback of your sites estimated consumption against the sites actual consumption on a weekly basis. The feedback will come in the form of graphs and tables to help you understand the pattern of your sites consumption. After one or two months, when you become confident of your own forecasting, feedback will be provided in the same format on a monthly basis. Carey london ltd

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