The Alliance Gas Contract Pack is intended to explain the Terms and Conditions that would be relevant to your type of business. Every effort has been made to ensure that our Terms and Conditions are presented as clear, open and concise as possible.

The Contract Pack is simply broken down into the following sections:

Sample Alliance Gas General Terms and Conditions.
Sample Alliance Gas Special Conditions.
An Explanation of Alliance Gas Special Conditions.
Sample Schedule of Premises (Schedule A).
The General Terms and Conditions highlight everything from contract definitions through to the Alliance Gas payment terms.

The sample copy of the Special Conditions is based on the business information (i.e. consumption, supply type, number of sites) you provide when registering an interest in the Contract Pack.

Our explanation of the Special Conditions addresses the translation of the Network Code obligations into a legal framework. Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that all contract clauses and their subsequent Network Code obligations are explained clearly, there may be some requirement for further clarification. Some of the specialised terminology can complicate the natural gas tendering and contractual agreement process, therefore, we suggest that the Contract Pack is best utilised in conjunction with the Alliance Gas Guide to Tendering.

The sample of the Schedule of Premises identifies how your site information will be portrayed in the contract.

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