Tendering Advice

more tendering advice
Alliance Gas has produced a Guide to Successful Tendering to assist energy buyers that procure gas for either multi site or large consumption operations. The Guide indicates what information is required from a potential customer to assist in successfully tendering for a gas supply in the UK.

The Guide also highlights the operational procedures that sit behind the tendering process including the responses that can be received from Transco when nominating or confirming sites.

A checklist as to what questions you should be asking potential suppliers is also provided. These questions may prevent you from discovering any unforseen problems with your gas supply contract, questions include…

how long is the offer price held, will the prospective shipper require consumption forecasts, how will I be billed and many more?

For finance issues you can contact Castle Finance Direct. If you are a business in the UK with either multi site or large consumption operations and would like to receive a copy of the Guide to Successful Tendering.

Request : Guide To Successful Tendering.

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