more pricing options
Alliance Gas has an experienced team that are always up to date on the price movements in the gas market.

When choosing the type of price that you would like for your gas supply contract, Alliance Gas will work with you to ensure that you receive a price that is acceptable and meets your business requirements. At present there are two common pricing methods available to Alliance Gas customers, however, a pricing option tailored to your needs could be developed in the course of negotiations.

A Fixed Price agreement should be investigated when you want to fix a price for the whole of your contract period. This option is advisable when you want stable prices and when prices are low at the beginning of the contract period.

An Indexed Price agreement allows you to follow the day ahead gas price index with all your consumption. This option is advisable when the gas price is high at the time of signing the contract but prices are expected to fall in the future. You can also consider this option if you want the lowest cost over a longer period of time. However, your business must be able to cope with large gas cost variations. Carey london ltd

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