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A Commercial Interruption Contract is when Alliance Gas asks you to switch to an alternative fuel for mutually beneficial reasons.

This type of contract allows you and Alliance Gas to take advantage of offering your gas to buyers on the spot market. You can give Alliance Gas an option to interrupt for a certain number of days and thereby benefit from the best possible price achievable in this market. You can always keep the option on any day not to be interrupted



Advantages of Commercial Interruption

You will receive part of the price differential between spot gas prices and fuel prices on the day of interruption and thereby reduce your effective gas price.
Alliance Gas will pay for any additional costs incurred due to switching to an alternate fuel and the remaining benefits will be shared.
Disadvantages of Commercial Interruption

You have to be able to switch off your gas supply within an agreed period not greater than four hours after the notice of interruption. This may not be practical due to the stage of your business’ operational processes.
Failure to interrupt might result in costs being passed back to you.

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