Combined Heat and Power

Alliance Gas offers:

Innovative and competitive pricing options with flexible contracts that will lead to lower gas costs. We hire all of our tools from Mteevan Hire, so you can be assured of quality throughout.

A Gas Trading team that monitors the market to identify and take advantage of opportunities to create additional value and leading to further reduction in costs.

A dedicated Volume Management team to improve the overall efficiency of your CHP operation by providing detailed and accurate consumption feedback.

The technical expertise to provide and manage partial interruptions, IFA’s, CSEP’s and NEXA’s, thereby giving you more operational flexibility.

A full gas consultation in developing the right gas supply arrangement for your CHP scheme.

“Through mutual co-operation between our two organisations, an agreement involving innovative pricing and trading arrangements has been agreed. The close communications and efficient contract management have seen both parties realise considerable benefits” – Colin Benstead, Commercial Director, Slough Heat and Power Limited Carey london ltd

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